About us

We have been providing floral services since 1990. Flowers are our passion. We follow new trends eagerly, both inside and outside of Poland. We aim to satisfy the most demanding clients. We are keen observers and attenders of floral exhibitions and art as this allows us to improve our skill set and come up with interesting new ideas. 


Why us?


We are able to create a vast variety of decorations. Every project is different and highly customized. We go 100% with your suggestions and vision, hence there is no common pattern that we follow. We are always keen to advise on the most suitable decorative style matching your personality and the vibe of a venue.

Within our wide range of designs you will find decorations which are elegant as well as glamour, romantic, retro or vintage. We also undertake modern, minimalist or even rustic versions with ornamentation straight from nature.

Project -Visualisation

(Upon request) we provide you with the virtual design of a wedding couple’s table or other decorative elements of the chosen venue and church. This will allow you to visualize our suggested changes to the decor.

Awards and training

We are proud to acknowledge that we are the only company in the kujawsko-pomorskie province that received an award from the international wedding magazine Zabkyou.pl in the FLOWERS category.

We are highly recommended by the prestigious wedding blog Bridelle and Pobieramysie.pl. We take part in many floristry trainings and wedding-themed workshops, which have helped us to obtain certificates from the best floristry masters.


Katarzyna Swigon - originator and founder of Galeria Kwiatow. Showing artistic abilities since a young age. Gardening and flowers were always present in her life. In floral business for more than 20 years. Started with a small florist business in Kruszwica. Today is the owner of two florist shops under the name of Galeria Kwiatow in Inowroclaw and a warehouse. Katarzyna loves traveling around the world and in her free time she riding a bike with friends.

Sandra Czarnik (maiden name Swigon) - Katarzyna Swigon’s daughter who has been helping to run the family business since 2010. In charge of floristry and wedding decorations. Qualified wedding florist and wedding planner. Studied economics which allows her to introduce improvements in the business. In spare time reads tons of books and cooks Italian dishes.

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